Bait – Another End of The World is Possible EP

Head pounding thrashcore with an exciting Mediterranean twist!


Artist: Bait

Title: Another End of The World is Possible

Release: EP / Digital

Year: 2020

Label: 83 Records, Abraxas Distro, Discos Pinya, El Forat, Godshit Productions, KLVR, La Caliya Project, Los Discos De La Bestia, Nothing To Harvest, Spit It Out! Prod, Tormenta De Ideas, World’s Appreciated Kitsch, X Cementerio X, Youthanasia DIY Records

According to Discogs, there are at least five other hardcore punk and metal bands named Bait. My first association is with the British band of the same name, formed by members of Deviated Instinct in the early 1990s, but punk bands don’t have trademarks, and punk isn’t a competition about who was first or more influential on the scene. In this case, it’s Barcelona’s Bait, who released their first demo tape in 2018, and their thrash-driven hardcore punk brings a number of different influences to the forefront, and I was instantly hooked on their sound.

Another End of The World is Possible, due out in April 2020 on 7-inch vinyl from a whole bunch of international labels, is such a beautifully put together record and musically a hell of a lot of fun! Four great songs of straightforward, powerful and infectiously catchy hardcore punk blasting through your stereo with the band’s undiluted DIY ethics on display and all the hallmarks of having a good time: fast crossover riffs, reverb vocals and groovy mid-tempo breakdowns delivered with the appropriate amount of energy.

You’ve heard it all before, no doubt, but if thrashing hardcore is still your thing, this record will leave you drooling for more. Headbanging fury at its finest.


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