Awake Streaming a New EP

Awake made it to my hardcore highlights right after they put out their first demo. I met their drummer in Lisbon a few years ago and he sent me a link to check out his new band. It’s cool that youth crew and straight edge are back on the Portugal hardcore map!

Now straight to the good news. Salad Days Records are releasing those songs on a 7″ and pre-orders start very soon!

To back this release up Awake are kicking off their European tour on Saturday. They’ll hit the road for 2 weeks so try to check them out if they’re somewhere near you… They have a bunch of available shows so contact them if you can help them book the last free dates!

Tour dates:

TBC dates need shows
5 – Porto, Portugal
6 – Spain – TBC
7 – Spain/France – TBC
8 – France – TBC
9 – France/Belgium/Germany – TBC
10 – Germany – TBC
11 – Braunshweig, Germany
12 – Leipzig, Germany
13 – Prague, C. Republic
14 – Bratislava, Slovakia
15 – Budapest, Hungary
16 – Austria/Slovenia – TBC
17 – Milan, Italy
18 – South France/Spain – TBC
19 – Spain – TBC
20 – Lisboa, Portugal

Niki G.

Releasing records with Ugly and Proud Records, booking shows with For The Kids Booking and trying to go to as much shows as possible all over the world! Loves vegan ice-cream and cookies + hanging out with friends.