Attäktïx – Demo Tape ’15

5-song demo from Lithuanian d-beat punk band Attäktïx. Expect Motörhead-like rage with a large helping of Scandinavian käng for a true punk enjoyment

attaktix demoArtist: Attäktïx

Title: Demo Tape ’15

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2015

Label: Deadmikke Records

Five songs of Motörhead-like rage with a large helping of Scandinavian käng for a true punk enjoyment. Well, playing rock’n’roll riffage over pounding d-beat jams is nothing new to the world of bad music, though this band is coming from Vilnus, Lithuania’s capital. Unfortunately, judging from their photos and Uniformed Freedom video (watch below), Attäktïx doesn’t look like your typical spiked hair d-beat warriors which is a bit of turn off to me. I think that the visual aesthetics play a huge role in this style of music, at least when you’re playing live. Although it seems they genuinely love this type of noise and do a great job in their demo tape.

The distorted guitars and rhythmic backbeat keep you hooked,  the shouted vocals are calling for the end of war, mass extinction and the abuse of our freedom. Well done. It’s a nice little demo tape and I regret the year is 2015 and instead of building a cassette record collection with d-beat demos coming from all over the world, I’m left out with a bunch of bandcamp links sent to my email. Although, if you would like to get the actual tape, you can contact the Lithuanian cassette label Deadmikke Records… on facebook, duh!

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