ATTA – s/t

Artist: ATTA

Title: Self-Titled

Release: LP / Digital 

Year: 2014

Label: DIY

ATTA is delivering some of the best crust I’ve heard in a while. This band has a lot of going on in their sound managing to combine many elements of straight up crust and hardcore into heavy hitting, punch you in the face self-titled demo record. I’m getting bits of Skitsystem and Tragedy but there is definitely more going on in these 7 untitled tracks than the usual copycats. The drums alternate between d-beat and blasts, dual vocals roar in German and there is so much dynamics and melodies into the mix. The production is excellent for a DIY crust demo and the whole artwork plus the unnamed song-titles give hints to black metal.

I don’t know anything about ATTA except they’re hailing from Linz, Austria, but this self-titled record is raging and you should give it a listen. I can’t remember many other crust records in 2014 matching this record for its sheer velocity and emotional might. Yeah, I love almost anything coming out from Alerta Antifascista and Halo of Flies, but this one is a self-released record of a band that’s still pretty much unknown.

Mittens XVX

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