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“At your disposal, while finding home” Project Launch

A multimedia/art project launched on 4th of July by Jason Pappariella.

Along with the website, Jason completed a 54 minute documentary that he will start screening in the Autumn of 2015.  In their interviews, the contacts/participants of the project (people on six continents) were asked what the concept of home meant to them. They were asked if there was a specific place they identified as home. They were asked to take pictures of their home with a disposable camera and answer what they looked for when snapping photos.

The project was originally conceived as a traveling art exhibition, featuring: a film intended to run as a loop, video stations of the interviews with the contacts/participants, and photo albums filled with the images they snapped on disposable cameras. The traveling exhibition evolved into a website. The film loop morphed into the 54 minute feature, with one minute set shots (one after another) of all the locations where the contacts were living. The interviews became part of the soundtrack, along with organ drones and audio from the locations. the photos are represented in both physical albums and on the website.

If you want to set up a screening, ask a question and get in touch, feel free to write him at:

aydwfh -at-

Jason is totally into doing interviews with the media, if you know anyone in the field of journalism (including zines and blogs about art, culture, and/or travel) get in touch with him or just spread the word about the the project on your social media.

Go and check out at your disposal, while finding home and Jason’s travelling blog saving for a better future.

This is an international art project that was born after a conversation that started on the evening of July 4th 2011, and ended the next morning. It was my last full day in the Pacific Northwest, before I departed for the East Coast, and I had made an acquaintance. She picked up quickly on my state of not being romantically involved with my silly life, and suggested I needed a new challenge, but offered no challenge for me to pursue. This subtle nudge, and the tinge of excitement one gets after meeting a new and intriguing person, sat with me as I hitched across the country, and sent me on my way towards starting ‘at your disposal, while finding home‘.

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