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Asocial Terror Fabrication / Instinct of Survival – Split LP

Japanese meets German stenchcore

asocial-terror-fabrication-instinct-of-survivalArtists: Asocial Terror Fabrication / Instinct of Survival

Title: Split LP

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Doomed To Extinction Records

Last week I reviewed Deviated Instinct’s latest masterpiece “Husk” and I was totally thrilled about how they’ve changed and grown their sound since the glory days of late 1980s.

However, Deviated Instinct’s past legacy of crushing death metal riffs and Celtic-inspired artwork still lingers on in a plethora of bands across the globe. By the end of 2005, a generation of stench bands like Stormcrow, Sanctum, Hellshock, After The Bombs, or Guided Cradle were taking the crust scene by the storm.

Formed in Tokyo around 2007, Asocial Terror Fabrication was the Japanese answer to the stenchcore revival of the time. Right from the start, ATF began intentionally playing the classic style in the most intense way possible and relentlessly kept delivering to this day. Although, for a band that has been around for quite a while, ATF doesn’t have an extensive discography to speak of. So far, the band has just released two demo tapes, “Under The Dark Force” EP and two 7″ splits—with False Insight and Exithippies.

On the 12″ split with Germany’s veterans Instinct of Survival, we have ATF offering three blazing, epic and ripping assaults of pummeling death metal that gets the proper crust treatment. The metallic riffs are devastating and the production has that raw edge that makes this a standout in the stenchcore textbook. Asocial Terror Fabrication have a monstrous amount of power, especially when it comes to the crude and spiteful vocals. The obvious Deviated Instinct influences are here to stay as well as other notable UK bands they draw inspiration from—Doom (see the video below), Extreme Noise Terror, Sore Throat, and Napalm Death. The Japanese School of Noise is also present here with some undeniable hints to the likes of Abraham Cross or Contrast Attitude.

On the flipside of this vinyl, we have nine more utterly aggressive late 80s influenced attacks from Hamburg’s Instinct of Survival. The band has been around for a long time and played a significant role in shaping the death metal laden sound in crust for the last two decades. This is not their first split with a Japanese band tho, in 2016 they had a split 7″ with LIFE also from Tokyo.

Here Instinct of Survival do not disappoint even for a moment—unlike their more recent North of Nowhere… LP that I’m not very fond of, but to each their pleasure—and this split 12″ with Japanese crusties Asocial Terror Fabrication is a sign of their true efforts in making some extreme political music for over 20 years. The sound is still fast, dirty and metallic the way we like it. Whatever I may say, this split is among the cream of the crop in 2018’s crust records.

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