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ARGH – Maqueta EP

Get yourself knocked out with this great dose of hardcore punk!

ARGH - Maqueta hardcore punk tapeArtist: ARGH

Title: Maqueta

Release: Digital / Cassette

Year: 2019

Label: Junko Records

The properly named ARGH are gonna make you grunt and scream with their raw punk sound. They come from Temuco in Chile—south of capital Santiago where I reside. Temuco is a place that brings about great energy and a lot of cool bands, mostly associated with Junko Records, the label that released their first demo.

An eerie soundscape opens up the EP, a prelude to the yells of uncertainty contained within, ready to be released. “Futuro MM2”, the track tied to this intro, opens up reflecting on the future of humanity with tight instruments backing the reverberated vocals. “Terror, chaos, your mistake”.

“Trampa Para Ratas” follows up with a similar feeling, talking about technology and progress, topics I’m glad to hear in a lot of current punk bands. Where we will go? How can we project ourselves into the future if we barely know where we are fragilely standing? Can we go beyond this frail present?

The bouncing and dizzy sound continues with “Crónicas De Nada” and “No Más Yo”,  two fairly fast paced tracks that talk about being fed up with the ways things currently are, with the status quo and how people behave.

“El Último Infante En Pie” mixes up both topics, talking about how technology shapes us and turns us into what we are now and how that is gonna keep humanity and social relationships.

As short as hardcore punk likes to be, this sweet releases comes and goes just like that. If you’re in for something that goes fiercely straight to the point, the play button is waiting for you. Also, I need to add that I loooove the chorus on the bass, it sounds great.

If you wanna get the full vibe, check out this great live set they have:

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