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Here they are killing us: A Compilation to Support Victims of Repression in Chile

Punks breaking borders to help their sisters and brothers.

a2664118520_10Artist: Various

Title: Aquí nos están matando – Here they are killing us

Release: Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Imperecedero Discos

A crisis is going on in Chile right now.

Well, like in all capitalists societies but the situation recently exploded with great turmoil in the country. People have been taking to the streets for a better healthcare and a better school system all year round, yet politicians and the state kept pushing people down and kept rising the cost of living. People were struggling and suffering everyday. And then, a rise in the metro fare, another hard slap in the face, made people realize they didn’t want to endure more of this. And they didn’t have to.

On October 18th, massive protests started and have yet to fade. People are gathering in the streets and in their neighborhoods. Rioting, fighting, resisting and organizing. Because of this, the police and the military have been repressing the people. Citizens have been shot, harmed and killed. There’s at least 223 that have been shot in the eye and completely or partially lost their sight. At least 341 people have been tortured. In total, 2,535 have been taken to the hospital. More than 20 people have died. Sebastián Piñera, Chilean president, doesn’t care one bit.

To help raise money for the victims from repression at the hands of the Chilean state, Imperecedero Discos made this huge compilation with 52 punk tracks and many great bands with sounds from all over the world at only $4. Latin America and all the globe stand united, because we know we are all suffering because of the same things: capitalism, Neoliberalism, Fascism. We’ll support each other, fighting against inequality and corruption.

Ecuador, Venezuela, Perú, Honduras, Bolivia and Colombia have been on to the streets, demanding a better living for the common people, a better future and dignity for everyone. There are similar things happening in Spain, Lebanon and Hong Kong, to name a few. We are sure there will be many more rising, as it should and as we hope. The system is slowly crumbling, bit by bit, and it will crumble pretty soon: total meltdown (one a little different from accelerationist dreams). People won’t take that shit anymore. We are standing in line and waiting for you to join us. None of us are alone in this.

In this album, we can hear songs from Ordinaria Hit and Ornitorrincos from Brazil, Gerk and Tildaflipers from Argentina, Ugatz, from Spain, Siwomat from Germany, alongside Chilean names we’ve alredy heard on this site, like Esconder Micara, Nagasaki, and Manual De Combate. Punk-rock, hardcore, powerviolence, crust, noise rock, post-hardcore. An international compilation with punks supporting punks, standing in solidarity, together, stronger than ever. There’s no border we can’t cross nor fear that could stop us, as we are, together, a fire than can’t be extinguished.

More than a month has passed since the start of this and it’s hard to put all of these feelings together. Words don’t flow so easily anymore. I’ve been tired and distressed, we are going through a very hard time. The situation is a lot more complex than what you read here. But I’ve also been hopeful.

When was the last time something this big happened in Chile? When was the last time people in here were this united? I know my neighborhood better than ever, I speak more to the people around me and feel more connected to the things happening in here. There’s a chance for us and we are gonna take it.

There’s no other way. I’m gonna hold onto this spark until my hand burns off. We shall overcome.

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