Angry Son – 4 songs

Second demo from Japanese throat-shredders.

angry-son-4-songsArtist: Angry Son

Title: 4 songs

Release: Digital

Year: 2022

Label: Self-Released

Following 2021’s 3 songs, Japanese screamo outfit Angry Son bring us another EP, released in January 2022, with another does-what-it-says-on-the-tin title: 4 songs.

They kick off first track “Indifference” with some big cymbal crashes and a feedback swell before the bass near enough tears through the speakers and the cataclysm of beats and throat shredding vocals carry the listener away on a tidal wave of screamo fury. A brief moment of isolated bass notes allows us to come up for air before the chaos sweeps back in, lifting you off your feet. “Dialogue” carries on in much the same way, only this time allowing a little more breathing space, allowing the riffs to crash back in, all the more heavier on their return.

“Flicker” shows off more of Angry Son’s ability to include melody and use dynamics to create epic peaks and troughs. Track 4 then starts with restrained guitar noodling, each instrument playing off each other, creating a tapestry of beautiful notes before a brief pause gives way to an energizing build up and the most cacophonous melee the record has to offer.

This release was handed to me under the guise of a demo and bearing that in mind, it is excellent and well worthy of a listen, but the production may be a little rough around the edges for some listeners. However, if you already enjoy the work of some of screamo’s originators, you likely won’t find that to be a problem at all.

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