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Angry Brigade / Woundead Knee – Split EP

Angry politically-charged hardcore punk from Czechia


Artists: Angry Brigade / Woundead Knee

Title: Split EP

Release: 7″

Year: 2015

Label: Emergency Records, Papagajuv Hlastel, Anarchist Black Cross, Phobia Records

Angry politically-charged hardcore punk from Czech Republic. Both bands play 3 songs of fast, high energy and raw punk with lyrics in Czech language.

Angry Brigade, taking its name from a 70’s militant anarchist group in the UK, is definitely the highlight of this split 7″ record. They have a tight and really angry punk sound with a bit of UK ’82 feel to it. The three songs on their side of the split are dedicated respectively to the spirit of revolution, mass media lies, and the freedom fighters of 1942. Why 1942? I guess, what they mean in their song is the massacre in the village of Lidice that had been in ordered by the Nazis during the WWII.

Woundead Knee on the other hand, deliver three more songs of desperate and angry political hardcore. They have some metal riffs and chaotic sound accompanied by frenzied female vocals. Songs are short, fast and overtly political.

The record is released in support of Anarchist Black Cross in Czech Republic, an organization devoted to support radical activists and political prisoners, and comes with a nice sticker and a black & white Angry Brigade’s ‘no gods no masters’ patch.

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