Amebix: Life is Quite Dull, Really

Hilarious Amebix interview from second issue of Oo-er fanzine back in 1988

Amebix was a band cloaked with mystery for a long time. Formed as “The Band With No Name” around 1978 in the South West of England, Amebix was originally based around the brothers Rob and “Stig” Miller.

Transcending the boundaries of both punk and metal—before disbanding in 1987—the band has released two albums (Arise! and Monolith), a handful of 7-inch singles and left a huge legacy for the generations to come.

Despite the post-apocalyptic, dark and morbid imagery of their music and artwork, Amebix were first and foremost punk-rockers with a gritty sense of British humour. Their interviews for various punk fanzines were all hilarious to the point of satire. For your enjoyment, here’s an interview with Amebix from Ooer fanzine #2 in 1988.

Answers by Christian Miller aka Stig.

amebox ooer interview

Well, how did it all start, how has it been going, any major incidents?

Wow that’s a pretty W-I-D-E question. We started in 1978 to combat boredom on the dole and because we felt there was a place for thinking man’s rock in the music scene. I’m Stig, me and the Baron are the only original members. We have a belief and a sort of philosophy that has kept us going, it is expressed in our songs so what ever label we are on it is still on our terms, people who think we are selling out are stupid. I’ve been shit on by enough bands since ’77 and I’m not going to do it to other people. Our style will always change but our sentiments will always stay the same. Major incidents… mmm, our old drummer went insane and got commuted. Our old Synth player Jenghiz is awaiting trial for murder. I can’t really think of anything Major. Nothing really exciting ever happens to us. Life is quite dull, really.

How would you say you stand at politics, would you vote at an election, if so who would get your vote?

I personally wouldn’t stand, I’d rather sit down and watch the fools. If we ever get rich maybe we could start our own party and everyone bring a bottle. Life is politics really, isn’t it? No one can rule unless people want to be ruled!

If you had £10,000 to donate to charity, how would you donate it?

Is that a trick question? Would I have to donate it to charity? Couldn’t I just donate half and spend the rest on drugs? Or something? Maybe music workshops or some kind of artistic thingy should have the money, even though the Government should really pay for it. Then I wouldn’t have to sign on for a few months.

The words crusty, grindy, etc. are a bit clichéd, so what words would you use to describe yourself?

Facemeltingly—–Arsesplittingly—–Terminallygroovy! (That’s just my own humble opinion, of course)

Do you feel youth clubs are a way to get to the young of today?

I don’t feel anything. I’m old and past it.


Any favorite zine? Why?

Fanzines have got more and more shitty over the years. When I was a lad back in ’77 there was Sniffing Glue and a few others. I used to like Toxic Graffiti I don’t know what happened to that though, it had a good layout. We had a fanzine years ago and had the CID after us for slander or something. Anyway, I find most fanzines so infantile these days I can rarely get past the first page. A lot of them are badly laid out, and printed so crapily that they are unreadable. Quite honestly most of the fanzines I see are written by Angry little boys who just rant and rave about petty things and expect people to read it.

I’m always getting the “Are you Vegetarians/Vegans? If not, why not?” questions, who fucking cares? I still support Fanzines, even though most of them are crap. Because they can be a brilliant way of communicating ideas. Unfortunately I haven’t got the time to do one myself. I hope this one is an exception.

Explain in a few sentences the meaning of a few of your own favourite songs?

Our songs are about life and death and the things in between, some are a bit esoteric about the power within us all and how to tap into it.

Any question you’d like to ask?

Are you going to send me a copy? (If you are reading this, answer is yes)

Jon has 4 oranges, Janet eats 2 of them, what happens next…. (thick applicable box)

☐ Janet goes Yum Yum

☐ Jon goes Arrrrrgh!

☐ Janet dies a gruesome death in the Kenwood chef.

☐ Mum comes in and they both go Yum Yum!!!

Any plugs, thanx, what else to add?

No, I’m using all my plugs. I think I’ve said enough. If your zine is crap the Mebie’s will come round and feed your own willy in parsley sauce whilst playing the best of Max Bygraves at full volume on your stereo.

Cheers, Stig.


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