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All Over The Face – Like a Bull in a China Shop

Seven tracks that leave no time to take a breath, this debut LP by Swiss punks All Over The Face is cheerfully eclectic, and their message is powerful and straight forward.

aotfArtist: All Over The Face

Title: Like a Bull in a China Shop

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self-Released

Making new friends on tour is the best; it’s also a great way to discover new music, coming from local scenes—vibrant and unknown.

This is how I discovered the guys from All Over the Face—high-energy hardcore crossover band from Zürich, Switzerland. They gave us a hand with organizing a show in the legendary Koch Areal squat in their city for the Feedbacker/Calf 2018 tour. It was a great night, we had a good gig and I ended up with new friends, new vinyls and a few compliments on my beard.

All Over The Face are a complete storm live—shredding guitars, 90’s hardcore high-pitched vocals, technical super fast drumming, what’s not to like! Like A Bull In A China Shop is their first album, and I have to say it captures their spirit pretty well.

Seven tracks that leave no time to take a breath. AOTF’s style is cheerfully eclectic and pretty mixed up, but if you like energetic political hardcore with tons of thrash influences, plus some mathcore weirdness thrown in for a good measure—then you’re in for a treat!

Check this out and score a vinyl directly from the band!

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