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Aim – Until My Last Breath

Upbeat and anthemic vegan straight edge hardcore from Portugal.

aim-until-my-last-breathArtist: Aim

Title: Until my last breath

Release: Digital

Year: 2020

Label: Self-Released

Until My Last Breath is the second album from this vegan straight edge outfit from Portugal. Formed by two ex-members of the amazing short-lived band Together, Aim showed their strength and commitement with their debut Foundation in 2014. It’s been six long years but the band is back with six new tracks.

While certainly still leaning towards the high-fives-and-stage-dives approach of bands like Have Heart, Verse, or newer heroes like One Step Closer, I can also hear some 90s vibes in the tradition of Four Walls Falling, Endpoint, and Split Lip. All six tracks maintain a high level of energy and positivity without compromising the importance of what they have to say. The lyrics touch on themes like personal frustrations, migrant and refugee solidarity, fighting sexism and rape culture, and the unwanted change of leaving your family and friends behind when moving to a new country for economic reasons. Ending with “Vegan”, an anthemic animal liberation song featuring the Portuguese vegan edge hip-hop artist Gaea (who also used to play drums in Aim’s beginning, Together and a ton of other hardcore bands).

If you like melodic hardcore that does not compromise the weight of their message, although some parts may sound a bit odd because of the strong Portuguese accent, definitely check this out.


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