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Afiach Presents “Fuck NATO” Benefit Compilation

Stop Killing People You Twats is a benefit compilation for the anarchist group Stop NATO Cymru! who will be opposing the NATO Summit in Newport next month


Afiach Collective from Wells strikes back with their fifth release. ‘Stop Killing People You Twats’ is a benefit compilation for the anarchist group Stop NATO Cymru who will be opposing the NATO Summit in Newport next month.

The benefit compilation is available from Afiach’s bandcamp page for £2.99 or more.

The compilation is featuring 38 songs with a political message by DIY bands and artists: Will Tun & the Wasters, Ruffstylz Music, Attila the Stockbroker‘s Barnstormer, Côr Gobaith, Agathocles, Skunkadelic, David Rovics, Tig Linn, Radio Rhydd, The Smashrooms, Class Actions, Autonomads, Black Star Dub Collective, Afro Cluster, The Brave Toaster, Cop On Fire, Tracey Curtis, Abergaz, Bandit The Panther, Piombo, Lila, Camilla, Jamie Bevan a’r Gweddillion, Little Eris & Mab Jones, Gab De La Vega, Global Parasite, The RoJ LiGht, Mwstard, Quercus Burlesque, Taffy Twp, Death Pop, Mark Ayling Acoustic, TiTs Up, Brian Curran Acoustic, Raz Chaoten, Dangle Manatee, Ammonika and Son Capson. It’s all a mix of styles, with something for everyone – hip hop, electro, punk, ska, folk, a choir….

More about Afiach Collective:


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