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Aeroparque – Camino Sin Final

Aeroparque is a Chilean emo band that you definitely need to check out, read our review of their "Camino Sin FInal" EP and make up your mind

a3693138196_10Artist: Aeroparque

Title: Camino Sin Final

Release: Cassette / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: Hardwave Discos

Aeroparque is a Chilean band that started last year, with influences ranging from the bands of the label Sarah Records to Jejune and Rainer Maria. They released a self-titled EP in 2015, and this year they grant us with a new 3 song EP, “Camino Sin Final”. They play with their heart and get along just well with the hardcore punk scene from Chile (maybe ’cause they have members of Confesional and N.M.A., among others).

This new EP has a clearer sound, but without losing the lo-fi 90’s vibe, that make us think this band was playing with The Promise Ring at some point, despite all the years that put them apart. The sound it’s very soft and sentimental in a way, but that doesn’t mean there’s isn’t place for distortion and straight forward and hard hitting drums (and even noisey Sonic Youth-ish guitars like at the end of the title track). Indie and punk go hand-in-hand, exactly like it used to in the early emo days.

The EP is short, but it gets to the point. It’s exactly what you need if you are in the mood for something calming but with energy. The angelical voice and the constant movement of the bass set a perfect mood. This is one of the best examples of the new sounds the Chilean scene is creating, with their eyes and ears in the past, but their heart and brain moving forward to the future (another example could be Los Polares, also associated with Hardwave).

Listen to this EP and don’t stay behind, because Aeroparque doesn’t plan to stop.

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