Active Slaughter – Set The World Alight?

The most vital politically-charged punk from the UK this year.

active-slaughter-set-the-world-alightArtist: Active Slaughter

Title: Set The World Alight?

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2019

Label: Grow Your Own Records

Flashback to my youth for the best politically-charged punk from the UK. I was really impressed with this band in my teenage years, and along with classics like Conflict and Riot/Clone, Active Slaughter was one of those bands that really got me into veganism and animal liberation.

Formed in London around 2001, Active Slaughter released some outstanding records like Smash the HLS EP and the full-length `Ave a Butchers and 4T2UDE CDs. At the time, they’ve been on the frontlines of crucial events in the animal liberation movement like the Barry Horne‘s hunger strikes and the international campaign to shut down HLS. Talking the talk and walking the walk, members of the band have also been targeted by the law enforcement, so eventually they disbanded in 2010.

Reformed with a new line-up (featuring Mark, bass-player from Liberty, and Trystan, guitar player from Lost Cherrees, both legendary ’80s anarcho-punk bands), the Slaughter got back together in 2016 to continue their own legacy and play even more benefit shows for a shitload of good causes. Following the Tomorrow’s Too Late 7″ that was released in 2017, Set The World Alight? is the first full-length vinyl by the band. These twelve banging tracks feature both remastered versions of old songs, plus some new tracks that are keeping up with the modern state of affairs.

Wholeheartedly embracing their roots in 1980s anarcho-punk while lyrically keeping things current without sparing on any of the anger or militancy in their message, Active Slaughter is still a punk-rock powerhouse that captures the same spirit of resistance that stirred emotions in my youth. If you missed out this band the first time, there’s nothing to fear. The political vegan punk is back again in all its full glory.

Grow Your Own Records are putting out great UK punk releases recently, and Active Slaughter is one of the most uncompromisingly antifascist and militantly animal liberation bands since the early 2000s. Finally, there’s a proper vinyl treatment of their intense punk anthems, and I’d say it’s one of the most vital punk-rock records of the year!

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