Accidente – Pulso

Accidente's third full-length "Pulso" is a cathartic and catchy, political and totally honest record that will make you feel relieved and love punk even more

accidente-pulsoArtists: Accidente

Title: Pulso

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2016

Label: La Agonía de Vivir, In My Heart Empire, Walking Is Still Honest

My Accidente affair was love at first listen—my vegan straight edge Couchsurfing guests from Argentina got me into Accidente’s self-titled record on bandcamp and I was immediately into something, a joyful celebration of life that stucked in my head with its incredibly catchy melodies and attitude. Then came their 2014’s Amistad y Rebelión LP, another infectious punk-rock feature that was filled with wickedly catchy tunes and meaningful message more than anything else—Friendship and rebellion! Fortunatelly, Accidente don’t seem to stop making awesome music and here comes their new full-length “Pulso” (Pulse).

Unsurprisingly, Pulso possesses the same relentless punk spirit the band has carried ever since their self-titled masterpiece five years ago. The lyrics on here are also still as urgent and focused on pressing social issues as ever before, and fortunately, their English translations are still present.

Dignity does not mean
you do not scream when it hurts
when you bit the dust
and you are overcome by your demons
It means watching the fire in your eyes
it is seeing you grit your teeth,
it is you … convinced and heading forward,
the passion in your face, it means living…

I don’t feel talking about musicianship or going into deep examining the ups and downs of each and every song when reviewing DIY punk albums, I’m not a professional music journalist. Punk rock could be about the personal excitment you get when you hear a band singing about the same things you care about. Accidente is a band celebrating the rich history of punk as a way of living outside of society’s norms and creating do-it-yourself alternatives within our own circles of friends. While there are so many bands playing heavy and depressing stuff, Accidente is not here to make you feel even more depressed or alienated with the world around you. On the contrary, they play a punk music to make you smile and dance to. If you’re looking for a melodic punk-rock record that’s cathartic and catchy, political and totally honest, then Pulso will surely make it a favorite into your record collection. If you were a fan of this awesome Spanish band before, with Pulso you will like them even more.

Punk is not a podium
or a walkway, it’s freedom
it’s counterculture, it’s humility
self-critical, genuine, rebellious,
creative, pimp, active
Self-deprecating, genuine, rebel,
A real threat!

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