Accidente – Amistad y Rebelión

Accidente combine catchy punk-rock tunes with strong antiauthoritarian message

accidente amistad y rebelion

Artist: Accidente

Title: Amistad y Rebelión

Release: LP / Digital

Year: 2014

Label: La agonía de vivir, Walking Is Still Honest, Pifia Records, Tranzophobia, Soroll, Blondes Must Die, Grita o Muere, In My Heart Empire, Halo of Flies, Contraszt!

Listening to this makes me wonder how many amazing bands exist out there singing in their own native tongue about their own lives, hopes, beliefs and rebellious dreams of a better world built on the principles of social justice, solidarity and self-government. What better place for such artists than Spain with its lessons of the social revolution from 1936 and indelible memories of fascist dictatorship between 1939 and 1975, up until now under the current situation of mortgage crisis, austerity measures, corrupt politicians and overall desperation that led to the birth of the “los indignados” or M15 movement on Madrid’s Puerta del Sol square? There’s no doubt Spain has been producing great punk-rock since the 70’s and the current DIY hardcore/punk scene is still going strong today with squatting, pirate radio stations, free festivals and all forms of direct action dismantling the ways how the system operates and building alternatives from below instead.

Accidente is a great example of such a scene, combining catchy melodies with strong antiauthoritarian and overtly anarchist message. The band was formed in Getafe, the working-class area of Madrid metropolia in 2010. Their debut self-titled LP was released in the end of 2011 and it’s simply one of the catchiest things I’ve ever heard, I love it so much. They are not playing groundbreaking genre of music and there are thousands of melodic bands as far as influences go, so you can take everything from Screeching Weasel and early Green Day to Lost World, La Fraction and RVIVR to compare their sound with, although I should mention that Accidente have been greatly inspired by another Spanish band called Decisión and I highly recommend you to check them out. 

But Accidente is still raising the flag high and released their second LP called “Amistad y Rebelión” (Friendship & Rebellion) in January 2014. They have 10 new songs rehashing the old formula of mixing politics with poppy and ultra-catchy punk rock tunes. The record is just as great as their self-titled and the lyrics are more important and urgent then ever. What makes Accidente a stand out band, however, is not their records but their live shows. They seem like having a lot of fun and I can only hope that they’ll be playing more gigs outside of Spain. Until then I’ll be just listening to their records and checking out for their live videos on youtube that are so great, like the recordings from their set at Chaos en Gracia in 2012, that awesome DIY punk festival held on a squatted street in Barcelona.

What I like the most in bands like Accidente or Landverraad, who put the fun back in politics is that they are not preaching certain political ideas or ideology, they’re just sharing what does it look like the life that they’re actually living. It’s all about friendship and rebellion, really!

Together we shared fears / we learnt what pain was like / and the misery of this world / that dries out our hearts / We organized ourselves: projects, ideas and action / Talks, demonstrations, solidarity meals… / Friendship and rebellion! / Apathy and indolence are stuck in our skin today / stolen scheduled days / take us away from our purpose / Let’s bring initiative, curiosity and inspiration back / There are plenty reasons to fight for / Friendship and rebellion!

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