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964 Pinocchio – I’ve Been Running Round The City For 10 Minutes Straight In Order To Find You & Rip Your Fucking Face Off EP

Ready for obscure Japanese screamo?

Artist: 964 Pinocchio

Title: I’ve Been Running Round The City For 10 Minutes Straight In Order To Find You & Rip Your Fucking Face Off

Release: CD-R / Digital

Year: 2017

Label: Confusion Specialist Records

A mysterious band hailing from Tokyo, Japan, making an homage to Japanese filmmaker Shozin Fukui and the movie that shares the same name as the band as well as to noisy punk. What could hide beneath all these long names and fast beats? What are these people here to say? We already know the best way to find out… let’s check this new release!

Dissonance, breaks and sassy vocals hit us right in the face starting from the very first track, with it’s changing moods and spazztic sound enhanced by the raw production and swinging instrumentation. With titles like “I’m Not a Scab, I am a Strikebreaker!”, “To Whom Are You Gonna Convince Someone You Just Used?” and the last track, the one that gives the title to the EP, you just gotta know what you’re getting into. Maybe not the kind of party you would normally sign up for, but damn, it is a good one. Dance to the discord.

Even in the slower passages, there’s a vivid tension between all the instrumentation. The snare is constantly hitting or making rolls, giving the sense of constant movement and exploding energy. Inch by inch, like a knife hitting flesh deeper and deeper. There’s a freakish feel to these sounds. If you think you’re safe, it is just a scam. You’ve been deceived. There’s something waiting for you around the corner. But it is alright. Give yourself into it. Fade out. Goodbye.

We’re too smug to aisle, to pave among sentiments. Breed the silence, we may just stick along on what we’ve lost. I’ve gnawed (myself) to pieces, we distilled our taste and we might as well get all lost.

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