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Meta hardcore from the future past

3nd7r-demoArtist: 3ND7R

Title: DEMO

Release: Tape / Digital

Year: 2018

Label: Self-released

If these folks have originated back in the 1990s, I would expect to read about this demo tape in the early issues of Inside Front or Dwid Hellion’s Blood Book zine. In short, this is a frigging intense five-song output inspired from the likes of Ringworm, Gehenna, and Integrity, all the way to the Belgian H8000 tradition of Arkangel, Congress, and Sektor.

Coming from the city of Padua, their cryptic name translates to Trendsetter (if you read the numbers in Italian language). Starting with the dark synth-driven intro of “Enter 2037”, the record explodes into an all out assault of metallic hardcore incorporating solid mosh parts and gruff vocals straight from the abyss of the 90s Holy Terror style.

Songs like “Fantàsia” and “Survival Research Unit” are outstanding pieces that will crush your ears continually. Heavy and punishing musically, it’s also worth mentioning how the lyrics follow a dystopian futuristic narrative (“meta hardcore from the future past”, as they describe their style). The dark lyrical content actually flows really well with the urgency of the music, not overkilling it with some sophisticated poetry.

Bleak and dystopic in its message, 3ND7R’s demo tape is definitely worth a listen.

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