137 Bane is Forever

137 Bane is Forever is the final chapter of the story about how much the genie loved touring with Bane

137 bane is foreverI somehow missed the fact that this book actually existed. So when Nikolay from Ugly and Proud Records brought me one as gift from Fluff Fest I started reading it right away. I’ve seen Bane only three times in my life. It’s always been amazing and their music will be forever carved in my heart. The very last time I saw them was actually when we brought them to Bulgaria with For The Kids Booking. I knew about people, some among my friends, who’d travel and see Bane over and over again across Europe (and not only). I’ve always admired the effort and love one could have for a band in times when we’re overfed with music and live our lives mostly in the internet.

Don’t mistake this for the kind of fandom that surrounds pop music and its stars. No, we’re talking here having a real connection with the people who inspire you. We’re talking having the chance to not only support and love what your friends do, but to be with them all over the world and experience each and every show (okay, almost every one of them) as it was your first.

137 Bane is Forever The very last chance I had to see Bane, this happened in Sofia, Bulgaria, I spotted a person who was travelling with them. He was all over the place and having as much fun as if he saw the band for the first time. That guy was ‘the genie’. I never met him personally but now I’ve just finished his book about the last chapter of his travels with and for Bane.

137 Bane is Forever exists in only 137 copies. This is also the number of Bane shows he’s seen across each and every continent (I think only without Australia). First of all, the book is handled great design-wise. The tone it’s written in feels like reading a zine, but it looks like a pro job. Yes, it could’ve been proof-read a bit better, but who cares, Bane is gone and this is one of our last chances to once again experience the power of their music and how life-changing this band and its message to the world actually was.

Bane is Forever It’s not only ‘the genie’ whose writings are featured in the book. There are a few guest stories from other friends and family of Bane, who also lived and breathed to see the band live. 137 Bane is Forever is a great reminder that music is not just about entertainment, it’s something that can change your life forever, make you a better person and show you places you might have never seen without it.

Go look for this one. I honestly don’t know if you can order it online, I Googled and couldn’t find anything. Ask around, use your mouth, Bane deserve the effort.

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