Worhäts / Strohsäcke – Split EP

Artists: Worhäts, Strohsäcke

Title: Split EP

Release: 7″

Year: 2004

Label: Social Napalm

Don’t be fooled by the childish or rather silly cover artwork, this is a solid hardcore punk record by two veteran punk bands from Berlin. Both of the bands are active since mid 90’s and with many releases on their backs!

Worhäts tear it up with aggressive hardcore sound influenced by the old UKHC bands, the intense drumming reminds me of Ripcord and Heresy. There are 3 songs in German language dealing with political subjects. They even have a song about Leonard Peltier called “Shuldig” that’s in my humble opinion, the most-stand out track in the split. 

Strohsäcke is the more punker band on the split. They also appear with 3 songs in German language. The tracks were recorded in 2003 but they sound like released by Weird System back in 1983! Distorted guitars and scratchily snarled vocals, it’s real old school deutsch punk-rock influenced by OHL, VKJ and Upright Citizens. The record ends with a song called “Brutale Scheisse”, what more punk than that?!

Mittens XVX

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