Trogen Till Döden: New Documentary About Straight Edge in Sweden

Trogen till döden (True till death) is a new DIY documentary examining the Straight Edge movement in Sweden. The film starts with a retrospective of the vibrant drug free scene that grew up in Umeå during the 90’s through the story of José Saxlund, member of the prominent band Abhinanda, and then continues with the current state of Straight Edge hardcore punk scene all around Sweden. The intelligent documentary features interviews with members of hardcore punk bands, gig collectives and individuals from Umeå, Gothenburg,  Stockholm and Malmö, who are keeping the spirit of sober and aware youth culture true till death.

Watch the full movie below (1080p for best picture). English subtitles available.

Director/camera: Andreas Ljungman
Edited by: Niclas Lindahl and Andreas Ljungman
English subtitles: Andrea Cengic and Klas Sivertson

This is a DIY project but if you want to make donations feel free to use Paypal to:

Mittens XVX

Positive person bringing a small fragment of warmth and light in a dark and cold world. Editor of Tigersuit Zine. Founder of DIY Conspiracy webzine. Contact him at: