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Redound – The Endgame

Sofia’s Redound are back on DIY Conspiracy with an even harder hitting record than Obsessed, which we reviewed in 2014 and it felt as a quite massive step ahead for the band. With The Endgame Redound have once again reinvented ...

Feedbacker – S/T

Ever since КПД-0 disbanded I was keeping my fingers crossed Ivan Shentov’s fucked up style of writing (both music and lyric-wise), his twisted voice and his creative approach to the bass guitar will find a new ...

EYEHATEGOD live in Sofia

It’s June 12th it’s already hot as hell in Sofia. Tonight we’re about to see and experience EYEHATEGOD’s swampy, dirty sludge in Bulgaria for the very first time thanks to Rawk’n’Roll. It’s already a bit past ...