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Accidente / Duelo – Split EP

Accidente and Duelo both come from Getafe, the working class area of Madrid, to bring about an explicitly political hardcore punk music, but underneath everything there’s a great sense of melody and fun. Accidente have ...

Los Fastidios – Let’s Do It

After slowing down the pace for 5 years the Italian antifascist gang Los Fastidios recently came up with a brand new full-length called “Let’s Do It”. However, you’ll hear nothing really new here, especially if you’ve been following ...

Brainwasher – Scabs of Winter EP

Brainwasher hails from Galway in the West of Ireland featuring members of already known bands such as the “neo-crust” Easpa Measa, Trenches, and Dublin’s stoner punx Realistic Train. The band’s debut “Scabs of Winter” EP was self-released ...