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Ryan Bartek Returns to Fortress Europe

Underground writer, musician and traveler Ryan Bartek has returned with his acclaimed book series about world wide DIY underground that began with “The Big Shiny Prison” and continued with “Fortress Europe”, Bartek again raises the bar ...

Age of Woe unleash new video

Sweden’s filth ridden hardcore infused metal band Age of Woe has formed back in 2010 and so far has managed to release a 7″ EP (2011), “Inhumanform” LP (2013) and toured Europe several times at ...

Čad – Ťažký Kov

ČAD is a crust’n’roll band coming from Slovakia and they are active since 1994! It’s an interesting fact (for a crust band) that they are drug-free (though they don’t call themselves straightedge) and they call ...