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Slowly We Rot Unleashing Their Hell Online

Belgium’s monsters Slowly We Rot are making their presence visible on the web by putting out their first track “Solitary Realm” for streaming on Bandcamp and unleashing the band’s Facebook page. Their split tape release with Depravation is on its way and will be ...

Svffer – Lies We Live

April 2014 marked the release of this thunderous indictment to mankind’s utter failures. With a ferocity that can’t be touched Svffer takes us deep down into the chasm of blackened crust, unrelenting grindcore blast beats and the darkest ...

Hungry Like Rakovitz – HolymosH

Eight DIY labels from different countries have been collaborating together to release the debut release of the Italian “grimecore” band Hungry Like Rakovitz. We have DIY spirit of cooperation, we have total cvlt iconoclastic artwork, ...