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Ignore – New World Disorder

Obscure early 90’s anarcho-punk from Varna, the largest city on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. Ignore formed in 1993 by members of the legendary punk band Confront (Joro and Sasho) and the founding members of ...

Totem Skin – Weltschmerz

Halo of Flies never disappoint and their newest release from Totem Skin is surely a proof for that. However, the first glimpse at the anime-inspired artwork and the Bandcamp tags might trick you into skipping this one, because it looks ...

Svffer – Empathist

In my review of Svffer’s debut LP Lies We Live I wrote that it was one of the best releases of 2014. Back then I was completely blown away by their sheer intensity and harshness. Just a year later the ...