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Tobaïas – Self-Titled EP

Tobaïas formed in Bourg-en-Bresse (near Lyon) and released their highly promising 6-tracks demo back in 2009. The Burgien quartet eventually went into a studio to record 4 new songs released on a 7″ in 2011 by ...
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Scum Fest

Scum Fest and Scum Winter Fest are international DIY punk gigs happening in South London. Since it’s conception in 2005 Scum Fest has raised over £10,000 for wide range of grassroots charities, organisations, causes and struggles ...

Čad – Ťažký Kov

ČAD is a crust’n’roll band coming from Slovakia and they are active since 1994! It’s an interesting fact (for a crust band) that they are drug-free (though they don’t call themselves straightedge) and they call ...