ON – Control EP

Artist: ON
Title: Control
Year: 2009
Release: 7″ EP
Label: Legitimatebros

Two years of existence and two releases which sound as if the band has been around for like… 10. Yeah, I’m talking about ON! The same band whose debut EP ‘Vital Times’ turned into one of the rarest vinyls only a year after it was released. But this time we were fast and after joining the pre-orders I’m finally able to hear what ON recorded this time. And the result is really cool again, little less than 10 minutes and four new tracks.

If the first ON record had tiny bits from each former bands of the members, now I feel ‘Control’ is nothing more than an ON record with its own unique sound. The songs are very different from each other and they are full of various and great ideas. It’s like you’re listening to a full length, not a short EP on 7″. The lyrics are explicit and integral. They are not catchy generic lines assuring sing-alongs at shows but consist of meaningful messages to everyone willing to accept music is something you have to think about or just feel.

Angel S.

Freelance journalist and full-time copywriter from hell. Playing ambient music as Mytrip, hardcore with King Of Sorrow, teaching Sound Art, booking shows with For The Kids & Amek Collective. Always in for a cup of coffee.