No Reason Voices – Give Us a Better Place to Live EP

Artist: No Reason Voices
Title: Give Us A Better Place To Live
Format: 7″ EP
Label: Rude Boi 

No Reason Voices come from Lyon and I guess they are one of those many French bands that play awesome music with a good message but are totally unknown outside of their local town/scene.

The record is limited to 500 copies (and the one that I own is the cool #444), so I guess the record was not intended to be distributed outside of France. The guys are not so young, because they feature former members of Les Partisans, the famous political punk/ska band. However, the music and the lyrics here are slightly different. Unlike their oi/ska ancestors No Reason Voices play some kind of nice mixture of garage rock and old punk.

Overall, in ‘Give Us A Better Place To Live’ EP you’ll find two tracks of that lovely garage rock rhythms, straight from the heart and soul but fully charged with the punk philosophy.

Mittens XVX

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