██████ – Demo 2013

Artist: ██████
Title: Demo
Year: 2013
Release: Digital
Label: DIY

This demo is the first 2013 record that I’ve played so far, and it’s such a great start for the year. Besides having the best band name in the universe, or actually not having one, ██████ are a collective whose work is really intriguing, both as a concept and sound. I first heard about them in autumn 2012 and they had already started playing shows with Gattaca, Deafheaven, Vestiges and even played Fluff Fest. Later I discovered that they were conceived as a band in late 2011, and started playing live somewhere in March next year. Even for such a short period it seems ██████ were able to establish a sufficiently signature sound that assuring them a great start and now resulting in a growing popularity in the European scene. They are also another proof of the insane Czech scene, and their music is an intelligent mixture of black-metal, screamo and post-hardcore with a strong ambient/noise feeling. With such a solid set of directions the band is pretty interesting, even though there’s a plenty of similar bands worldwide. However there’s something really attractive behind the collective and their almost anonymous existence, collaborating in a really weird way with their sound, soaked with passion and dedication.

Their Demo is absolutely everything I described above in terms of music. In terms of sound it really sounds like a demo, but still the ‘production’ is pretty suitable for the type of music those guys are playing. Maybe I’d like the record more if the sporadic ambient / noise soundscapes were a bit longer and a bit more developed. This would make it more homogeneous and would give your ears a bit more time to comprehend, rest and experience each track of the four in the release. The vocals are high-pitched and distant, they are really contributing to the general atmosphere of desolation and cold. The lyrics are in Czech, but even a quick translation really works for them. I really enjoy how laconic, but still visual they are. Such bands, playing such music and putting out records like this modest, but great demo are actually a pretty cool proof that in the hardcore/punk scene there’s a lot of space for metal kids. I hope ██████ will reach as many people as possible, because they are totally worth it.

Angel S.

Freelance journalist and full-time copywriter from hell. Playing ambient & drone music as Mytrip, teaching Sound Art, booking shows with For The Kids & Amek Collective. Always in for a cup of coffee.