How To Make Your Own Patch The Easiest Way

Solovei (The Nightingale) is a friend from Moldova who is drawing awesome DIY punk related and antifascist artwork for bands, collectives and projects from many ex-Soviet Union states including Russia. He is also doing his own punk patches, using label paper and acrylic paint for fabric.

And here’s a little tutorial on how to make your own DIY patch the way Solovei does.

For those who are not familiar, the band of choice for this do-it-yourself patch, Deviation, was a legendary political punk band from Belarus. The band was formed in 1993 in Grodno but played their first live in February 1996 at an antifascist festival in Minsk. Later on they became the most famous Belarusian punk band inspiring many other projects, both in musical and political terms. I think that Deviation called it quits in 2009 but the last time I’ve heard about them was that their bass player Andrei Pachobut was arrested in 2010 for taking part in an illegal demonstration for Polish ethnic minority rights.

But now let’s get back to the patch itself.

Firstly, we’re starting with a sheet of label paper.

You also need to have the picture you want to get traced on the paper.

You don’t even need a printer to trace the picture onto the sheet.

When you’re ready with tracing the picture on the sheet, you just need to stick it on the fabric.

And then iron it…

And now the hardest part… Cutting the image, the DIY way.

Next step is putting a layer of black acrylic paint over the image.

Two layers of white paint:

Wait around 2 hours before taking the paper off.

Then the patch is ready. But don’t forget to iron it.

So that’s how you make a DIY patch for your jacket. If you like it, here are some other DIY patches and shirts done by Solovei using the very same technique.

Instagram: @soloveimudak

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  • jacob5849

    What kind of fabric should i iron it onto? Like old t-shirt scraps?

  • Fiive Wills

    If you find old jeans, I recommend using those. Places like Old Navy and other clothing stores just throw away clothes, so if you are ever in desperate need hit up their dumpsters at night.

  • lc

    Hey, what kind of label paper do I use? Thank you!

  • Green868

    Whats the point of the black paint layer? Why not hit it with the two white paint layers???

  • Richard Avila

    What kind of paper did you use? Just some copier paper?

  • Caleb DeJesus

    Get some full page shipping labels. That way you can stick them to the fabric.

  • TripOfTheseus

    YEAH! What’s up the with black paint? Seems pointless, and stops the white from coming through!

  • Lt. Toodles

    Ive been using brush on fibric paint. Any benefits to using acrylic instead?

  • Flaccid Monkey-man

    yea putting the white paint on fabric straight away islike a death sentence of bad diy. Soaks in the fabric too much and doesn’t give a clear hard base for the rest

  • Hannah Owen

    What if you don’t own an iron? Is there an alternative?