DIY Conspiracy’s Booking Fund

Hello everyone!

We’re DIY Conspiracy, a webzine covering the international DIY hardcore punk scene for a dozen years. We are also devoted to organizing DIY cultural events and booking our favorite bands in Sofia, Bulgaria. While this has brought us some of the most rewarding things in life, sometimes it has also left us financially broke.

For the last few gigs we rely explicitly on Prix Libre, or Pay-What-You-Want entry for the shows, with 100% of the profit going directly to the touring band. However, we still need to empty our pockets to feed the hungry bands with vegan treats, for printing posters and flyers, renting some backline equipment for the show, or even paying for facebook ads to invite more people. In other words, proudly losing money for sake of dedication. It’s a situation everyone involved in the DIY scene is aware of, and not unique to us in any way.

Our next gig will be a punk show for Kalashnikov collective, and that’s a dream come true since we’re keeping in touch with these amazing folks ever since our teenage years! We’re super excited to have them play in Bulgaria for a first time. However, they are taking a flight and we have to rent the whole backline and PA for the show. And to make the gig even more awesome, we would like to print some punk fanzines to be available for free at the show!

So, to make the inspiration visible, audible and touchable – we’re asking for €120 which would cover the backline rental and other expenses. We’ve always managed to make things work out in the past but this time we are in an urgent need to ensure the show will happen, the way we want to. The show itself will be on a donation fee, everything going to the band.

As a perk for helping us out to make the gig possible we will send you a free copy of the awesome vocabulary for bike travelers in 52 languages our friend is putting out soon, it comes along with a CD compilation with punk songs about bike. Your copies will be sent out later in May or early June.

Note: We understand perfectly well that there are plenty of meaningful causes to raise funds for instead of some punk show, and that not everyone agrees with the current trend where DIY bands use crowdfunding websites to fund their recording sessions, record releases, or tours. After all, we all do this as a hobby and consensually agree with the fact that we should throw in a certain amount of money from our own pockets. If everyone launched fundraisers for every single project they are involved in, then nobody would care anymore. We would be glad to discuss this issue with anyone interested.

It’s perfectly fine to support political prisoners, local infoshops, or a lot of meaningful projects out there instead of some kids trying to break even with paying for hosting a website or booking punk shows.

Anyway, thank you so much for supporting us, we really appreciate your help!

DIY Conspiracy

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