Alicia Edelweiss releasing an album and touring Europe

Vienna-based musician and street performer Alicia Edelweiss is about to release her first full-length album “Mother, How Could You”. The follow-up to her 2012 anti-folk EP “I Should Have Been Overproduced” is a colorful and experimental mixture of her signature look on folk, theatrical comedy and strange electronics. The record ranges from quiet and introvert folk tunes to piano-driven compositions to almost industrial-like pieces led by lunatic vocals and drumming. We’ll be talking more about it in our review, so keep an eye on DIY Conspiracy.

Alicia spent the last four years travelling and busking in various countries. In 2015 she went on three European tours, both as a member and supporting act of the folk-punk band Old Trees, which she recently left to focus on her solo work. “Mother, How Could You” will be released on CD by Austria’s Glowing Records. Bulgarian DIY label Kontingent Records will be handling the tape release.

Best news is that Alicia Edelweiss is currently cooking several solo tours to support the release. First confirmed shows are:

13.04 Cluj Napoca, RO @ Casa de Cultura Permanenta

14.04 Bucharest, RO @ Underworld

15.04 Varna, BG @ Veg Art

16/04 Sofia, BG @ Neu!Berlin (Pre-Release Show)

24/04 Vienna, AT @ Chelsea (Release Show)

The rest of her still-in-progress tour plans are as follows:

01.05–15.05 Balkan Tour

20.05–05.06 Portugal

14.06–24.06 Germany, Holland, France, Austria

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