Age of Woe unleash new video

Sweden’s filth ridden hardcore infused metal band Age of Woe has formed back in 2010 and so far has managed to release a 7″ EP (2011), “Inhumanform” LP (2013) and toured Europe several times at gigs and festivals. It seems that 2014 is an active year for them and they’ve just released a video of their song “Born of Fire”, the song will be featured in an upcoming split 7 ” with 100 Years.

Here’s how the band’s description on their video taken from their press-release:

This video depicts non-violent resistance, something that is taken for granted in the west. The clips in the video comes from the acclaimed documentary movie “5 Broken Cameras” and it shows the people of the Palestinian village of Bil’in and their struggle to keep their village and their land. They engage in non-violent protests but get attacked with tear gas, bullets and nightly raids. We want to shed light on the political conflict which has been a nightmare for the Palestine people since the 60’s. In the only democracy in the middle-east, half the population are denied citizenship and basic human rights.Age of Woe

On May 24th the split 7″ will be out on Suicide Records and Give Praise Records.

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